Connecting your phone to Google Home

If you wish to connect your phone to your Google Home while in your campus residence, you may do so by following this configuration:

  1. To begin, register your Google Home device for AccessOU.
    • If you do not know your Google Home MAC address, this can be found by clicking the three ellipsis at the top right of the Network Connect step of device setup. 
  2. After registration, please wait 40-50 minutes for the network wifi to fully register and recognize your device. You may need to close out of the Google Home app setup at this time, and re-launch it after the processing time is up.
  3. Now connect your phone to Wifi@OU.
  4. Now continue with attempting to pair the devices through the Google Home app.
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Fri 8/18/23 2:31 PM
Fri 8/18/23 2:31 PM