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Adding Collaborators to your Survey Project

Qualtrics allows for working with collaborators on a survey project. This article covers both collaborating with other members of the OU community and collaborating with people outside the university.

Collaborating with other OU faculty, staff, or students

To collaborate with others at OU, everyone must first activate their Qualtrics accounts. For information on activating your account visit the first-time login article for your campus:

Once everyone has an active account, follow the steps below to add OU collaborators.

  1. Open the survey builder. This is the default page when you first open the survey.
  2. Click the Tools dropdown menu.
  3. Select Collaborate.

  1. Select User and Group Address Book. NOTE: Using this method will ensure that the survey is linked correctly between the accounts and eliminates the need to accept a sharing invitation or use a collaboration code.

  1. Search for the person you wish to collaborate with.
  2. Select their account from the list. If they are not on the list, they may not have activated their OU account yet.
  3. Click Add Selected.

  1. Select what permissions your collaborator should have. Qualtrics has an article about Collaboration Permissions if you would like more information.

  1. Click Save.


Collaborating with people outside OU

OU accounts can collaborate with accounts outside OU. Visit Qualtrics’ help article on Collaborating Outside your Organization for more information and step-by-step instructions.


Transferring Ownership

If you wish to transfer ownership of a Qualtrics survey to a collaborator, please visit our Qualtrics service catalog form to submit that request.

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