Account Expiration Policy

Your account will expire per OU’s standard account expiration policy. Please review the information below about your OU account and account options.

Exception Account
Affiliates of the University may request an exception account to gain access to OU email, network resources, and other services.

Exception accounts require annual approval and must be sponsored by a chair of the affiliated department or college. 

To request a new exception account, please visit the OU IT Service Catalog and select Exception Account. Please note that requests may take 5-7 days to process.

To request to renew an exception account, visit the OU IT Service Catalog and select Renew/Delete Account. Please submit this form at least 7 days prior to the account expiration date to avoid possible service interruption or loss of data.

Please note that exception accounts may only be extended for up to a year at a time unless otherwise approved by the Provost or OU IT Security team. Affiliates of NOAA must request the renewal of their account every five years to remain active in the system.

Student Account
Student accounts will expire after three inactive enrollment periods (this includes intersession).

If you are currently enrolled in courses and have received notification that your account is marked for deletion in error, please visit the IT Support page and click the General IT Support button or call 405-325-HELP.

If you have recently graduated, you will receive an email that will allow you to opt-in to receive an email address. Once you receive that email, you will have 30 days before your account is deleted.

Past graduates may fill out a form at The Alumni Association to obtain an email address.

For more information about email, please read through this article.

Retiree Accounts
Upon proper processing of retirement paperwork, individuals that retired after 2/4/2020 will receive a 30 day notice prior to the termination of their OU account and network access.

Retirees may may fill out a form at The Alumni Association to request an email address.

If the Retiree is still doing work with their department, their department can work with HR and Provost to make them an exception account or an affiliate account. This process is outlined above.

Terminated Employee Account Expiration
If you have resigned, but continue to be affiliated with a college or department and would like to maintain your current OU account, please contact your department’s Human Resources office before the expiration date to avoid possible service interruption or loss of data.

For assistance with a terminated employee that is no longer affiliated with a college or department, please contact Human Resources (325-2961) for assistance

If you need access to a terminated employee’s email account, please contact Legal Counsel at 325-4124.

Organization Account
Organization accounts require annual renewal and must be sponsored by a current full-time faculty/staff member.

To request an organization account be extended for another year, please have the current account sponsor fill out the Renew/Delete Account form.

Please note that it may take 5-7 days to process a request for renewal.

Failure to renew an organization account before the expiration date will result in the loss of access to OU email, calendar data or any other University provided services.

Click here for information on archiving your email


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