Adding e-mail addresses to your OU Safe Senders list

When an OU user has activated their spam or junk mail filter on, all their incoming mail will be checked for certain markers common in illegitimate mail. If an e-mail has been caught by the filter, it will be sent to the Junk E-mail folder. There it will remain for 14 days, then be deleted. At certain times, there is a small chance that non-spam mail will be caught by the filter. As a result, mail which should be delivered to your Inbox is instead sent to your Spam or Junk mail folder.

In order to mark an e-mail address as legitimate, one can add the mail sender to their “whitelist” or safe senders list. This will flag the e-mail address as safe, and automatically allow it to pass through to your Inbox when the sender mails you again in the future. To add an e-mail address, to your safe senders list, please do the following:

Adding Safe Senders via Outlook

  • First open your Outlook.
  • Navigate to your Junk E-mail folder.
  • Right click on the e-mail in question which you want to mark as safe.
  • Select Junk.
  • Now select what level of block protection you wish to add to this address:
    • Never Block Sender
    • Never Block Sender’s Domain (
    • Never Block this Group or Mailing List
    • Alternately one may select Not Junk. This will then prompt whether to trust the address and add it to your Safe Sender’s List.
  • Once you have select OK, you will then receive an alert that the sender or domain has been added to your Safe Sender’s list.

Please also note that e-mail from an domain address will always be considered safe by the Exchange mail system. If an OU e-mail has been flagged as spam, you may wish to see if some other security software on your computer has flagged it as such.

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