Office 365 – Manage and Remove Add-Ins

Since migrating to Office 365, you may notice some of your email messages have a “Bing Maps” and “+Get More Apps” link in them.  You can remove these from messages by following the steps below:

Using Outlook 2013 (for Windows):

From the Inbox, click File | Manage Apps

This will bring up an Office 365 login screen

A list of default add-ins is shown.  You can then choose Disable for the Bing Maps add-in.   Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable.

Using Office 365 OWA:

Disabling the apps through the Portal ( will remove these links from appearing in the Outlook client. This option is recommended for Mac users.

In the Mail app, select the gear icon

Choose Manage apps


Click the ‘My add-ins’ link. Find the Bing Maps add-in you wish to disable and choose “off” using the toggle button.   Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable.


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