Qualtrics - Getting Started

Getting Started

This article will provide resources on creating a basic survey and distributing it. Qualtrics keeps an up-to-date, illustrated online guide. You can browse the guide or read the below information to find select guide pages recommended by OU IT.

OU IT has also created an online training video series regarding the basics of Qualtrics. You can find it here.

Keep in mind that the first time you log in you will need to activate your account. For information on activating your account, visit the first-time log in page for your campus:

Home Page Overview

Your Qualtrics journey starts at the homepage, a central hub showcasing all your surveys, workflows, and tickets. Simply select 'Home' from any page's navigation menu or click the XM icon to access it. This article from Qualtrics gives a detailed overview of homepage components.

Homepage Screenshot

Figure 1: Homepage Screen


The Projects page lists all the projects that you have created in Qualtrics. This is where we can create a new project, organize and collaborate on projects. You can go to the Projects page by clicking on the See all objects or Projects menu at the top.  Follow this guide from Qualtrics for a detailed description of the projects page and its features.


Building Surveys

You can create a survey from scratch or even use a prebuilt template. From the projects page, click on Create Project at the top right of the page or you can select “Create a new project” from homepage too, which is at the bottom of the page.  Then you can choose either a blank survey or a pre-built template. 

Picture of button in upper-right of Projects page

Figure 3: Click on "Create Project."

After creating the project, you’ll be taken to the Survey tab where you can start adding Questions. The layout below shows the survey builder with the following components:

  1. Question Block and editor: A default multiple-choice question will be inserted into your “Default Question Block.” This ensures that your block has at least one question to start with.
  2. Question options editing pane: You can also use the editing pane to apply specific formatting options available for each unique question type (e.g., suggested choices, vertical or horizontal positioning, force response, etc.).
  3. Survey Toolbars: The toolbar along the left manages your survey’s design options, security settings, and logic structures (i.e., survey flow). The toolbar along the top also lets you preview, publish, and search your survey. 
    A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Figure 4: Layout of Survey Builder


Once you create a survey, you will need to fill it out with questions. For the basics, read about Creating Questions, or check out this article on Question Types for more details.

To add a question, click on +Add New Question.

Blue add question button in lower-right of builder, inside a block


Distributing Survey

 When you are ready to make your survey live, you will first need to publish it. Then, you can choose from a variety of distribution optionsNote: select distribution options (ie, SMS) are not available on all accounts. Please contact OU IT if you need to use SMS or another unavailable option.

If you need to make edits to your survey after publishing, be aware that some edits can affect your data. Before making changes, refer to Qualtrics’s recommendations for editing an active survey to avoid losing or altering data. Once you have determined it is safe to make changes and have completed the updates, the survey must be republished to make the changes visible to respondents.



Before making your survey live, it is recommended to preview it. This allows you to ensure that the survey works well on both desktop and mobile and provides an opportunity to check that any advanced features you have added are functioning properly. Read more about the Preview feature.


Collaborating on Survey

If you are working on a survey project with others, you may wish to give them access to your survey. You can adjust the level of access each collaborator has

For collaboration set up instructions specific to OU, visit this support article for more details.  


Analysis and Reports

In Qualtrics, the robust Data & Analysis, Results, and Reports features empower users to extract meaningful insights effortlessly.

the share report button in the top right for sharing and exporting the report

The Data & Analysis section allows you to explore, filter, and manipulate survey data with ease, ensuring you glean actionable results. Once your data is refined, the Reports feature enables you to craft visually engaging and informative reports for diverse stakeholders.

For comprehensive guidance on utilizing these powerful tools, refer to Qualtrics' dedicated support article here.

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