Installing the Office Suite for Microsoft 365 – For Mac

Upon logging in to with your OU/OUHSC e-mail address and password, one will see an option to install Office on your computer.

Office for Mac

  1. To download the Office Suite, log into Microsoft 365 at
  2. At the top of the page, one should see “Install Office”. Click the Install link to go to the suite download page.
  3. Next select to install the Microsoft 365 Apps options.
  4. Click to Save File locally.
  5. Once the installed downloads, navigate to your Downloads folder and click the installer file.
  6. On the Welcome page, click Continue.
  7. If you agree to the license terms, click Continue then Agree.
  8. Verify you have enough space for installation, then click Install.
  9. If you have any open Office applications, click the Close Applications and Install button.
  10. If prompted for you administrator password, enter it and then click Install Software.
  11. Office for Mac will now install.
  12. Once complete, click Close.
  13. You may now open your Office suite for Mac. Note that Word may open automatically to prompt you to set up your Office suite. If it does, click Get Started and then Sign In.
  14. Enter your e-mail address and click Next.
  15. Then enter your password and click Sign in. The Suite will now verify the license and then activate.
  16. Choose your Office theme and then click Continue.
  17. Finally click Start Using Word. Office should now be fully configured for your account.
  18. If you need to set up your Microsoft 365 mail account, please following the instructions here.

Additional install information can be found here:

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