OU Account Management


Navigate to accounts.ou.edu and log in with your OUNetID and password.

On the right side of the page, view your:

  • Account information, including the photo associated with your OU account, your OUNetID, OUID, and Employee ID (if applicable).
  • Session status
  • Links for technology support

On the left side of the page are tabs for managing your account.

Picture of Account Management menu


Emergency Alert Information

Enter mobile, work, home, and emergency contact numbers.

Under Mobile Phone, you can also check or uncheck the box to opt out of receiving updates from the University via text messaging.

Phone number fields


Change Password

Enter your old password, a new password, and then confirm the new password.

Please take note of the password complexity conditions.

Change password fields

Account Recovery Address

Enter a non-OU email address that can be accessed by you in case you need to recover your OU account.

You can also review your former account recovery addresses.

Account recovery address field


Email Information

Change your email alias and review your currently active aliases.

Email alias field

Employee Address and Phone Numbers (if applicable)

Review and/or update your mailing address(es) and phone number(s) as needed.

Address and phone numbers field


Employee Emergency Contacts

Enter the contact information of an individual (or individuals) who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

Emergency contacts fields


Account Activity History

Review a history of changes made to your account through the Account Management page.

Picture of example Account activity history


Service Alerts

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