Activating your LastPass Enterprise Account

About LastPass

LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your passwords so you don't have to. For those employees of .75 FTE and above, you automatically qualify for an Enterprise account. All qualifying users will be sent an Enterprise activation email.

Please note that access to LastPass Enterprise will be removed upon your employee status ending, as access officially ends on the last day of employment. So please make sure to remove or change over any account information before you lose access to your LastPass account.

Activating your LastPass

If you no longer have your activation email, please visit the LastPass service page and click the Request Service button to request a new activation code email.

  1. To begin, click the activate LastPass link in your invitation email.
  2. The LastPass site will load, and may ask you to enter your invitation activation code. This should be present in the email if you need to manually enter it. Please note that if you copy and paste this code, it may include a trailing blank space, you may need to delete this extra blank space before it will accept your code.Screenshot of LastPass Account Activation Login
  3. The system will then check the strength of your master password and complete.LastPass Congratulations Alert
  4. If you have not installed the browser extension, please do so now by clicking the Install LastPass button on your Congratulations page.
    • Please note that if you are activating your account in a private browser window, then your LastPass extension may not load in your browser, so you may need to relaunch in a full normal browser window. Once you have fully set up your account, you can go back and set to allow LastPass in a private window.
  5. With the extension installed, you can click it in your browser.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your address, and if you have a recently logged into a session, you will be automatically logged in, otherwise you might be directed to the OU sign in page for your OUNet account information.
  7. At this point you may be asked to link a personal LastPass account to your Enterprise account. This would allow you to save your personal passwords separate from your OU account password data.Prompt to set up linked account
  8. You may either perform this step or skip. If you choose to skip, you can always do so at a later time under "Link Personal Account" in your vault.
  9. Setup is complete, you can now click to go to your LastPass Vault.


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