LastPass Account Types

The LastPass password manager allows one to automatically save all their credentials in a secure vault and automatically fill in those user names and passwords as you visit sites across the web. OU employees of .75 FTE and above, will qualify to activate a LastPass Enterprise account, which they can use for their OU user account passwords. Part-Time Employees, Students and other users with a valid or e-mail address, can sign up for a LastPass Premium as a Perk account, which will grant them additional functionality to their LastPass basic account. If you are an employee that is unsure of their eligibility type, please contact your department HR representative to confirm your FTE status level.


Type LastPass Premium LastPass Enterprise
Group Criteria Part-Time Employees, Students and other users with a valid or e-mail address. .75 FTE and above (Full-Time faculty and staff)
Support Options LastPass Support OU IT Service Support
Service Features With LastPass Premium, you get additional features like the ability to share passwords with multiple people, access more multifactor authentication options, and set up Emergency Access. Please note that OU LastPass support can only see if you have claimed your LastPass Premium account or not. Your personal account information and whatever else you save in your Vault is kept private and visible only to you. With LastPass Enterprise, you get features like Team Password sharing and the connection of your Master Password to your OUNet account password. Employees can also have a vault for personal and work, and auto-sort credentials to the right place.
Password Storage Type Personal passwords for financial sites, social media and personal email. Passwords for work related systems and applications.

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