I’m Not Getting My OU Voicemail “Notify Me” Email Alerts

If you are not receiving your “Notify Me” e-mail alerts when you have voicemail left on your Avaya Aura voicemail, there could be several potential causes:

  1. Do you have a valid OU e-mail address entered? Please return to the Avaya Aura site and verify the e-mail address you entered for your alert.
  2. Do you have an OU forward set in place? Are you using a non-OU notification e-mail address? If you set your alert e-mail to an OU e-mail address and/or you have your OU e-mail forwarded to a third party e-mail provider, the alert e-mail may have been seen as spam by this third party. Check the Spam or Junk mail folder on this third party account.
  3. Have you been migrated to Office 365? Do you have a new e-mail client or app? If you have recently started receiving your OU e-mail in a new way, you may need to re-train your e-mail client to trust these voicemail alert e-mails. Because the alert attachments are uncommon file types, the system may believe these voicemail e-mails contain virus or malware files. To correct your client, navigate to your Junk or Spam mail folder. Find one of the e-mails alerting you that a voicemail has been left. Right click on it and select to mark it as not junk mail. Any future e-mail should now avoid the filter and arrive in your Inbox as normal.

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