How to Add/Share Media Gallery Playlist to Canvas pages

To Add or Share playlist in any canvas pages like modules, pages, assignment etc, you must first create a playlist in media gallery. Click here to learn on How to create playlist in media gallery. Note that only instructor or course moderator can add/share playlist anywhere in Canvas. 

Follow through the following steps to add playlist in canvas outside media gallery. (Following example publishes playlist in the Discussion page of canvas)

  1. Go to the module where you want to add the playlist (Discussion in example) 

Canvas menu with Discussion highlighted

  1. Click on the Discussion edit menu if you want to add playlist to existing Discussion or create new Discussion by clicking on the + Discussion button. In the Text editor, click on the OU MyMedia (Kaltura) icon. 

MyMedia editor with Kaltura icon highlighted 

  1. It will take you to the OU MyMedia where you will all your medias posted in MyMedia. 

MyMedia media list 

  1. Click on the Media Gallery Playlists tab.  

Media Gallery Playlists tab 

  1. Find the media playlist you want to post/share. Click on </>Embed button located on the right of each playlist. You will see your playlist in the text entry. 

MyMedia with Ember button highlighted 

  1. Give appropriate title to the module and publish it. 


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