Creating Playlist in Media Gallery

Playlists are the collections of videos that are intended for users to watch in order or are related in some ways. It can also be used to organize contents for students. Playlists can be created only by the gallery's manager. Note that only the course moderator/instructor can create a playlist in Media Gallery.

To create the Playlist, go to the edit Media Gallery page and click on the Playlists tab which is next to the Details tab.  

Edit Media Gallery menu 

To create a new playlist, click on + Create Channel Playlist 

Create Channel Playlist option

Give title, description and search tags if needed and the click on Create button.  

Create Playlist options 

 You can also add/edit more media on the existing playlist by clicking on the edit icon located on the left of each playlist.

Edit playlist options

This will take you to a page where on the left side you will see all the media present in your MyMedia. You can add media to the created playlist by clicking on the plus (+) sign located on the right of each media. 

Add Items menu

Once selected, you can immediately view the media under the playlist.  

Playlist example

Click on save and go back to the course media gallery. You can view your new playlist. 


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