Best Practices for Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser, or LDB as it is commonly known, is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Instructors use it to ensure the integrity of student exams. We want to ensure that students have a seamless experience when taking exams using Respondus LockDown Browser, so below, you will find the best practices for using it as a student.

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser

You must install and use the University of Oklahoma version of Respondus Lockdown Browser. Download it at

Keep both your device and Respondus Lockdown Browser updated

You must keep your device, preferred web browser, and Respondus Lockdown Browser updated for a successful exam environment. Not keeping up with updates can jeopardize your exam experience and leave you vulnerable to security issues.

Use the best wifi connection

When using Wifi on campus, please connect to WIFI@OU, not OUGuest.

Taking an exam in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Turn off your device notifications and disable sleep before you take an exam. Both of these can interfere with your exam experience with Respondus Lockdown Browser.

If using a laptop, turn off the trackpad gestures.

Canvas has two exam engines: Canvas Classic Quizzes and Canvas New Quizzes. To determine which one you're taking, please reference the graphic below.

A picture of the icons for Canvas Quizzes. The Canvas Classic Quiz icon is a white rocket with a green outline. The Canvas New Quiz icon is a solid green rocket.

  1. For Canvas Classic Quizzes (white rocket with green outline):
    1. First, Launch the Respondus Lockdown Browser. You will be asked to "Choose a Server" and pick University of Oklahoma - Canvas. Then you will see this article. Scroll down and click the Canvas link  You will then log into Canvas within Respondus Lockdown Browser and navigate to the course and exam.
  2. For Canvas New Quizzes (solid green rocket):
    1. First, navigate to, login, go to the course, and then the exam in your regular browser. It should launch the Lockdown Browser automatically.

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