Clearing Cookies & Cache for all Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Go to the Tools Menu (shaped like a Cogwheel) in the top righthand corner of Internet Explorer.
  • Select Internet Options from the Tools Menu dropdown.
  • Under the General Tab there is a section labeled Browsing History. 
  • Click the Delete Button under the Browsing History section.
  • Ensure Cookie and Cache, are selected.
  • Click Delete.



  • Open Microsoft Edge, select the Menu icon (3 dots icon on top right corner of the browser).
  • Now Settings, then Privacy, search & services.
  • Under Clear browsing data, click the Choose what to clear button.
  • Select "Cached images and files" and "Cookies and other site data" check box and then select Clear now.



  • Open the Safari dropdown menu in the top lefthand corner.
  • Click Preferances
  • Select Privacy.
  • Click Manage Website Data.
  • Click Remove All
  • Quit Safari, and restart it



  • Open the Tools Menu (three dots, sometimes three horizontal bars depending on the version) on the top righthand side of Chrome. 
  • Click the History option in the Tools Menu.
  • Click History.
  • Click the "Clear browsing data" button.
  • Change the dropdown to "the beginning of time".
  • Ensure Cookies and Cache are selected.
  • Click the "Clear browsing data" button.



  • Open the Tools Menu (three horizontal bars) on the top righthand side of Firefox. 
  • Click the History option.
  • Click the "Clear Recent History".
  • Ensure the Time Range is set to Everything.
  • Ensure Cookies and Cache are selected.
  • Click Clear Now.
  • Also check the Security option, go to Logins and remove any saved passwords under "Saved Logins"


Apple Keychain

Note: While not a browser, Apple's Keychain does store information about your logins. If you are having issues logging in somewhere and clearing the cookies and cache does not resolve the issue it can often help to clear out the Keychain.

  • Search for Keychain Access in your spotlight (the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner) and open it.
    • Alternatively you can find it under Finder, Applications, Utilities, Keychain Access.
  • On the left hand side is two menus, Keychains and Category. Ensure you have highlighted the "login" and "Passwords" options respectively.
  • Search for "ouhsc" and "HSCStudent" in the search box of the Keychain Access menu.
  • This will return any credentials your Mac has saved related to OUHSC websites.
  • Delete anything returned by the search by right clicking and selecting delete. (You can shift+click to highlight multiple items)
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