FAQ: What is the Password Management Service and other common questions?

*Note:  When you login to this new Self Service Password manager, the system will detect if you have not yet registered for Ping Two-factor authentication and guide you through the registration process.


What is the Password Management Service?

The Password Management Service is a self-service tool that allows you to unlock your account or reset your password at any time without the assistance from the IT staff.


Who can use the Password Management Service?

All OUHSC staff, faculty, students, and affiliates.


What is the web site (url) for the Password Management Service?

You can get to the Password Management Service by going to www.ouhsc.edu/password.


Are you required to use Ping IDTwo-Factor Authentication for the Password Management Service?

Yes. You must use Ping ID Two-Factor Authentication to access the Password Manager Service. For more information on Ping, please see this article.


Do I have to enroll every time my password expires?

No. You only have to enroll once.


Does my password expire?

Yes. Your password does expire every 90 days. You will receive an email 14 days prior to the expiration requesting you to change your password. If you fail to change your password, you won't be able to access any campus resources. At this time, you will need to use the Password Management Service to reset your password.  


How do I create a strong password?

Please see this article for creating a strong password.

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