Shortcuts for Voicemail

In case you are going on a leave of absence, and want to have a special greeting, there is an option in Audix to have one set. You can think of this as an out of office message, but for voicemails. The following will only work after voicemail is set up. If you have not set up your voicemail, please click here to view instructions

  • Log into your voicemail by dialing 18002
  • If you are not on your phone, press *# and enter your extension
  • Enter your password (should be 5 digits)
  • Use these shortcuts while you are in your mailbox:
    • Press 2  to get and respond to messages left in your mailbox
    • Press 0 to listen to message
    • Press *3 to delete messages
    • Press 3  to  administer greeting, and then press 1 to record (listen for the prompts) 
    • Press 3, 1, 2, 5 to administered extended absent greeting. 
      • You can press  to allow or disallow people to leave messages (listen for the prompts)
    • Press 5, 4 to change password
    • Press 5, 5 to change your name
      • If you record your First/Last name or your department name, you can use the system greeting. The caller will hear: Please leave a voice message for <YOUR NAME/DEPARTMENT NAME>
      • Along with using the system greeting, you can have a personal or extended absence greeting. You can also have 10 more additional greetings
    • Press **9 to exit voicemail (or hangup)
    • Press 1 if you are leaving a message in someone else's mailbox. This will bypass their greeting
  • Use these shortcuts while you are listening to messages
    • Press 2 to rewind the message
    • Press 3 to toggle pause and resume
    • Press 4 to increase volume
    • Press 5 to go to the previous message
    • Press 6 to go to the next message
    • Press 7 to decrease volume
    • Press 8 to decrease speed of the message
    • Press 9 to increase speed of the message
    • Press 0 to replay message
  • If you are OFF campus, you call Audix by dialing 405-271-8002
    • Press # and enter your extension
    • Type in your 5-digit password and hit #
  • If you need to call an extension directly from OFF campus, dial 405-271-8001

If you need any more assistance, you can contact the IT Service Desk at 405-325-HELP [4357].


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