New Voicemail Setup Instructions

Voicemail Setup Instructions

First Time Setup

NOTE: If you stop before completing the First Time Setup, you will be forced to change your voicemail security code again.

To use the new voicemail system, you must first set up the mailbox. This only takes a few moments to do. 

  • Dial 18002 from your desk phone  (NOTE: From someone else's office extension or from outside of your office, press  *#  followed by your extension)
  • When prompted, "Please enter security code", use the temporary code: 12346
  • Create a new security code (click here to see security code guidelines)
  • Record your name (press to start, press when completed)
  • Record your greeting (press to start, press when completed). (Example: You have reached the office of [your name]. I am currently unavailable.  Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I'll return your call as soon as possible.)
  • Listen to the brief instructions.

Once you've finished recording your greeting, your mailbox is set up.  By default, your voicemail has been set up to deliver an email (with the attached wav file) to your email address you provided when it was  requested.  If you would like to opt out of this email delivery, please see this article for instructions.  Your email address will still be retained in our system so you can perform the self service security code reset but email will no longer be delivered to your email account.


Accessing Voicemail From A Phone

Use the following information to access the campus voicemail system from a phone.

  • From your extension
    • Dial 18002
    • Enter in your security code
  • From an extension other than your own
    • Dial 18002
    • Dial *#
    • Enter your extension
    • Enter in your security code
  • From an off campus phone
    • Dial 405-271-8002
    • Enter in your 5 digit extension 
    • Enter in your security code

A quick reference for voicemail commands can be found by clicking here.

NOTE: Voicemails are only available for 45 days; after 45 days they are removed from your phone.


Voicemail Web Portal

If you want to access your voicemail from a computer, a web portal is now available. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers.

  • Open up your preferred browser and go to

  • In the Extension Number field, type in your 5 digit extension 
    • If your direct line is a 271 number, you will enter 1, and then the last 4 digits
  • In the Security Code field, enter the security code you created when you setup your voicemail. 
    • If you do not know your security code, select Forgot Security Code.  An email with a link to reset your security code will be sent to your email address in just a few minutes. You will have only 10 minutes to reset your security code.
      (NOTE: You can only use this feature if your email address has been previously recorded in our voicemail system -- contact the IT Service Desk @ 405-325-HELP [4357] if you receive a message indicating an email could not be sent) 
  • Click the Inbox tab

NOTE: Voicemails are only available for 45 days; after 45 days they are removed from your phone.


Linking Voicemail via The Mobile App

If you're interested in using your smartphone to manage your voicemail, you must first go to the Voicemail Web Portal and add your mobile number by going to Personal Settings>Phone Numbers. After that, you can download the AVST Mobile app from either the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play Store (Android).

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Instructions

iOS(iPhone/iPad) Reference Guide

Android Instructions

Android Reference Guide


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