New OU-Tulsa Voicemail

Welcome to the OU-Tulsa Voicemail system.

The voicemail system indicates delivery of a voice message by turning on the message waiting light on your phone.

All users must complete the following:

  1. To set up your mailbox, dial 8484. 
    • At the prompt, enter the temporary password 1379#. 
    • You will be prompted to change the password and record your name and greeting.

All messages will be auto-deleted after 45 days. 

Users may customize other features online with the following instructions.

  • To set your preferences, click on the following link: or enter in your browser.
  • Enter your 4 digit mailbox (phone) number, xxxx.
  • Enter the password you established when you called into the system (without the #).

The tabs on the left allow customization to the default settings.  

  • The Notify Me tab is where you will enter the e-mail address for delivery of the voicemail notification. Note that only OU & OUHSC email addresses are permitted. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail & etc. are not allowed and will not work!!

To dial into the system to retrieve messages, make or change recordings, or change user preferences via your phone, dial 8484, you have several options, if you are at your desk simply push the “message” button.  To forward your phone directly to voice mail, forward to 8484.                                                  

Please note that the message waiting light will remain on until you call into the box to delete the messages or unless the system auto-deletes all messages after 45 days. To delete a message from your mailbox, call into the system from your phone and follow the prompts. Once the message begins to play, press 7 to delete. 

If you are at someone else’s phone and want to access your voice mail push message, then push *# (asterisk and number sign). The voicemail system will ask you for your phone number and for your password. If you are at home or on your cell phone, dial 918-660-8484 to get to your voice mail.


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