How To Connect to a Tulsa Network Drive

When you create a shortcut to a shared folder or computer on a network (also called mapping a network drive), you can get to it from File Explorer without having to look for it or type its network address each time.

*For off-campus network access, please refer to the following prerequisite articles:

  • VPN Request
  • How To Install GlobalProtect


  1. Click the Windows icon button and type This PC.Windows Start menu
  2. Click This PC to launch an explorer window.This PC selection option
  3. Click the Computer tab on the ribbon and select Map network drive.Windows Explorer toolbar menu
  4. Choose a drive letter and enter the network path of your file share in the Folder box, using the format: \\server name\share name. To connect every time you log on to your computer, select the Reconnect at logon check box.
    • You can choose any available letter, unless your department uses a specific drive letter.Map Network Drive window
  5. Click Finish to map the drive.


To Disconnect from a mapped network drive

  1. Right-click the icon for the mapped drive.
  2. Click Disconnect.


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