Setting Up AirMedia for Mac

  1. To begin, connect you Mac to the Internet.
  2. Install airmedia_osx_4.0.19_installer
  3. AirMedia® [Crestron Electronics, Inc.] (Mac Installer is at the bottom of the page)
  4. Once installed, open the software, enter IP address for AirMedia and then press enter.

 Start Screen Sharing menu 

  1. Find the magnifying glass and type display.

 Apple Magnifying glass icon

  1. In the display settings, click the drop down box for AirPlay Display and choose the AirMedia device (you may have to select the AirMedia device multiple times before the AirPlay password shows up).
  2. Enter the password/code and hit enter.

 Airplay password prompt

  1. AirMedia should now be connected.
  2. To disconnect from AirMedia go back to the display settings and in the AirPlay Display, select Off from the drop down menu.


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