Connect Echo or Echo Dot to AccessOU

Note: Echo and Echo Dot will not work on WIFI@OU. Users will need to use AccessOU.



  1. Go to and log in with your OUNet ID and password
  2. Select Create Device.
  3. Fill in the required fields and select Create.
  4. You should receive confirmation that your device was successfully created.
  5. Selecting Manage Devices on the left hand side should bring you to a list of all devices that you have created.
  6. You will also receive an email to the address you registered with another confirmation that your device was registered. This confirmation will come from



  1. Install and open the Amazon Alexa app on your preferred device (mobile or desktop).
  2. Log in with your Amazon account.
  3. Plug your Echo into a power outlet. In about a minute, Echo will tell you that it is ready and the light ring will turn orange. You may need to press and hold the round action button for 15 seconds for it to turn orange. Once it does, hit Continue. EchoDot App Initial Setup Screen
  4. Confirm the light is orange and hit Yes in the app.
  5. If prompted to allow suggested WiFi networks, hit Allow.
  6. When prompted to "Connect to device?" hit Connect.
  7. The app will search for Wifi
  8. Now select the option which states to "Add new Network".
  9. For the Wifi Network Name, enter AccessOU exactly. Please put the A, O and U in uppercase as the SSID is case sensitive. There is no password requirement, so for Security Type, select None. EchoDot App Wifi Network Settings Screen
  10. Press “Connect”. The device will now set up the connection. EchoDot App Success Message
  11. If the LED Ring is still showing Orange, the Alexa app will tell you it was unable to connect to WiFi. Unplug the Echo and plug it in again. After rebooting, it should connect to WiFi and the Alexa app will tell you it is ready to use.


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