Windows 10 – Virtual Desktops

If you tend to have a lot of windows and applications open on your desktop at once, or have multiple tasks to do, Windows 10 has a new feature, Virtual Desktop, to help you organize the clutter. To create a Virtual Desktop, click on “Task View” (the circled item below).*

This will arrange your items on the screen, and put a plus sign on the lower right of your desktop:

Click on the plus sign and you can create one or more virtual desktops, and divide your items between the desktops.

To fast-switch between different desktops, press Ctrl+Win+L/R arrow. If you have lots of virtual desktops open it may be faster to navigate through Task View.

To move an item into a different virtual desktop, drag and drop it. If you drag and drop it onto the plus sign, it will create a new virtual desktop for that item.

By default, the task bar for each virtual desktop shows the active windows and programs for that desktop. If you want to change this to show all active windows in all virtual desktops, click on the Start button, choose “Settings,” “System”, “Multitasking” and “Virtual Desktops.”

*You can also get into Task View through the keyboard shortcut WINDOWS + Tab, where WINDOWS is the key with the windows logo on it. (The plus sign means to press both keys at the same time).

The keyboard command for creating a new virtual desktop is WINDOWS + Ctrl + D. The keyboard command to close the virtual desktop you’re in is WINDOWS + Ctrl + F4. These commands work regardless of whether you are in Task View.


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