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Hardware check-ins are available on campus on the 2nd floor of EL (Engineering Laboratory) and the Bizzell Library room 125. OU IT Services can also assist with software installation or troubleshooting remotely. Please contact us at 325-HELP (4357) for more information.

The hardware check-in will proceed as follows:

  • The user can bring the device to one of the check-in locations at any time. However, if the user has on-site support through OU IT, it's preferable to reach out to them first. 
  • Department-owned devices can be diagnosed by on-site support or the user can call 325-HELP.
  • IT can also access the device remotely if needed to perform diagnosis.
  • If hardware repair is required, on-site support or the user can check in the device to one of the check-in locations above. Please note that all check-in requirements remain the same. The computer must qualify for check-in and arrive with all the required power cords and adapters.
  • If parts need to be ordered, the department or the user will complete this process. The hardware technicians may provide a quote for the parts needed and the recommended source. This does not apply to Apple devices, as the parts are only sourced through Apple. In this case, the Apple technician will provide the quote and purchase the part(s) after payment is received. Please note that shipping delays are common at this time, some hardware replacements may take up to a month or more for the replacement parts to arrive.
  • Once the technicians have everything they need, the repair work will proceed.
  • After the repair has been completed, IT or on-site support will contact the user for computer pickup.

What We Support

OU IT is pleased to provide warranty hardware service work on all Apple desktops and laptops, and on consumer-grade Dell desktop and laptops.  We can also attempt to provide hardware service work on out-of-warranty systems from Apple, Dell, HP, or Lenovo ONLY. In this case, the customer is responsible for the cost of any parts necessary for the repair. Based on the availability of parts for devices from vendors other than Apple and Dell and the difficulty of a necessary repair, our technicians cannot guarantee the availability of such services.

We are currently unable to provide hardware or software service for computers that are internationally purchased or custom-built. Computers that do not meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 10 or Macs that are considered obsolete (found on this page) are only eligible for software installation/OS Reinstall. OU IT also does not service mobile/cell phones or tablets. OU will provide warranty repair for iPad tablets.

All personal computers checked in through a Service Center are subject to a $60 diagnostic/bench fee in addition to the cost of any necessary parts for repair. Please see the chart below for more information on bench fee charges.

For University-owned computer system repair options please see this page.

Service Cost


Software Installs Must Pay $60 Must Pay $60
Virus Mitigation Must Pay $60 Must Pay $60
OS Rebuilds Must Pay $60 Must Pay $60
Hardware Repair No Fee Must Pay $60 + cost of any parts needed
Hardware Repair with Accidental Damage Must Pay $60 + cost of any parts needed Must Pay $60 + cost of any parts needed
Other Issues Over 15 Minutes Must Pay $60 Must Pay $60



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