Using All Screens Mode in Meetings

Allows the host to request all participants share their screen to present the host with a scrollable side-by-side view of the participants and their shared desktop(s). This feature is designed to provide a more streamlined and straightforward proctoring experience, focused on seeing both the participant video and their desktop share. When activating during a meeting, the host can also choose to allow participants to also view all shared desktops.

How to enable All Screens Mode in Meetings

How to use All Screens Mode in a Meeting:

  1. Start a meeting as the host.

  2. In the meeting control toolbar next to Share Screen, click the small green up arrow  .
    Additional screen sharing options will appear.

  3. Click Start All Screens Mode.
    A prompt will appear.

  4. (Optional) Click the Allow participants to view shares checkbox to give participants the same view as the host.

  5. Review the details and click Start to continue.
    All participants will be prompted that the host wants to view their desktop, with the options to Start Sharing or Not Now to decline.
    As participants begin sharing their screens, each of their videos and shared desktops will appear side-by-side, with non-sharing participants appearing at the top of the window.

    If the host is not allowing participants to view screens, they will only see participant’s video tiles in gallery or speaker view.
    As more participants share their screen, additional pages will be created, allowing the host to click left and right to view other participants.

  6. To cancel All Screens Mode, click the All Screens indicator in the top-left corner of the meeting window, and then click Stop All Screens Mode.
    Each participant can at any point stop sharing from their device. The host can also stop this in the same advanced sharing options location as where this mode was started.

Zoom Support – Using All Screens Mode in Meetings

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