Windows Data Access and Recovery

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Self Help

OU IT encourages only experienced users perform these actions as they are technical and require BIOS related actions. To re-gain access to your device, without the assistance of OU IT, please follow these steps. 

  • Required Items
    • The device experiencing issues (Existing Device)
    • Access to a working computer with internet access. (Setup Device)
    • A USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space.
  • Step 1 - On the Setup Device, Download Hiren's Bootable USB with Hiren's BootCD PE
  • Step 2 - On the Setup Device, Download Rufus.
  • Step 3 - On the Setup Device, Create a Bootable USB
    • Insert USB
    • Open Rufus
    • For "Boot selection," click "SELECT" and choose "HBCD_PE_x64.iso"
    • Leave other settings as default and click "Start"
    • Wait for the process to complete, then safely eject the USB drive.
  • Step 4 - On Existing Device, Insert USB Drive and Access BIOS/UEFI
    • Insert USB
    • Restart the computer and immediately press the key to enter BIOS/UEFI
    • Navigate to boot order settings
    • Set the USB drive as the first boot device
    • Save and exist
  • Step 5 - Boot into Hiren's BootCD PE
    • The computer should now boot from the USB drive into Hiren's BootCD PE.
    • Follow these steps to reset the Administrator account. Alternatively, you may watch this video for instructions.
    • Remove the USB and reboot your machine.
  • Step 6 - Log into your device with Administrator set as part of Step 5 and restore your data.
    • After logging back into your device, watch this video to find your existing files and move them to your new profile.


OU IT Assisted Support

OU IT is here to help you if you are not comfortable with the self-help options! Support will be available on a scheduled basis and can be booked here.

The location for the OU IT supported options will be: Engineering Laboratory Room 201 (map)


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