How do my parents make payments to my account on

How do my parents make payments to my account on

In order for a non-student (such as a parent) to pay a tuition or housing bill for an OU Student, the student must authorize the creation of a third-party user account through ONE:

  1. On the home page, click on the “Financial” Tab
  2. Click “Bursar”. Picture of Bursar tab on
  3. Click the option for “Add authorized users.”
  4. Enter the e-mail address that you wish to authorize.
  5. Check the “I agree box”
  6. Click “continue.”
  7. The person which you wish to authorize will be sent two e-mails, one with a username, a second with a password.
  8. If the authorized person gets locked out of the account or loses authorization, the student will need to create a new authorization through the same steps.

Detailed instructions are at

If you need help using the bursar system in ONE you should contact the main bursar line at 325-3121.


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