JMP Pro: macOS

How to Install JMP Pro in macOS

This article will guide your through installing JMP Pro in macOS.


1. Go to You'll be prompted to enter your OUHSC username and password.

2. Scroll down to the “Download JMP Pro Software” section and right (option) click on the “JMP Activation Code for Mac” link. Select “Download Linked File As…” from the pop-up menu.

3. Save the file (Do NOT change the file name).

4. Click on the link “JMP Pro for Mac” to download the installation file.

5. Navigate to the downloaded file ... 

and launch it.

6. Double click the package to start the install.

7. Keep the default settings and click “Continue”.

8. Click “Install”.

9. Supply your local admin credentials and click “Install Software”.

10. JMP will take a few minutes to install.

11. Once JMP is finished installing, click “Close”.

12. Navigate to the JMP Pro application and launch it.

13. You’ll be prompted to provide the JMP License. Click “Open License”.

. Navigate to your Desktop where you downloaded the license (step 3 above), select it, and click “Choose”.

15. You’ll now see the OPTIONAL Personalize License window; click “OK”.

16. You’ll receive a message stating the license was accepted. Click “OK”.

17. Next, you’ll be presented with a host of windows …

… including a JMP Registration window. Click “Register Now”.

18. Once you’re finished with JMP and quit the application, you’ll be prompted with a "Save Session?" box. After making your selection, JMP will quit.


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