Classroom Technology Guide

Powering on the System

1. You should see the screen below. If the screen is blank, simply press the center to wake it up. 

Picture of the Crestron device

2. Press “On” to turn the system on. It usually takes about a minute. 

3. If you’re using a laptop, connect it now. You can use inputs such as HDMI, USB-C and Mini-Display. Some classrooms will also offer VGA (with or without audio) and /or Ethernet connections. 

Please keep in mind, not all options will be available in select classrooms. 

4. When you’re finished, be sure to press the OFF button to shut down the system. 

Helpful Tips:

Once the system has finished warming up:

Device not displaying?

  • Make sure your device display is set to duplicate your screen.
    • On devices using Windows, press the Windows logo key and the ‘P’ key on your keyboard. 
    • On Mac devices, hold down the option (alt) key and either of your screen brightness adjustment keys to open display settings. 
  • Try restarting the projector system. Most issues can be resolved with a simple restart! 

Other sources:

  • Select from the available sources on the right side of the touchscreen. 
  • All rooms have a document camera and DVD/Blu-Ray player option as well. 

Additional controls:

Graphic of the "Blank Image" buttonPush “Blank Image” to quickly mute the projector’s image. Use this during transitions, or if you need to write on the board behind the screen. 

Picture of the volume controlsAdjust the volume controls on the right side of the touch screen. 

Additional Online Information: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Academic Technology link or type "Classroom Technology" in the search bar.


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