Soft Phone Setup

Note: Before you’re able to use Avaya OneX Soft Phone, you must submit a request to have the service enabled. You can start the process by submitting this form.

PC users:

  • Please follow the instructions in this document. Please note, you must be connected to OU VPN to download, install, and/or log in to the software. You can find VPN instructions in this article

Mac users:

  • Mac users first must log into VDI to utilize Avaya OneX Soft Phone. To install and configure the VDI client, please follow the instructions in this document.
  • Once you’ve logged into the VDI, you can configure the soft phone by following the instructions in this document, starting at Step 3 (steps 1 and 2 concern downloading and installing the software, which has already been done on the VDI).
  • A note for Mac users: VDI desktops are usually wiped clean every few days, so Mac users may have to go through setting up their soft phones again if this happens.

All users will need a password to log in to the software. This password should have been communicated to you via the ticket requesting this service. If you forgot your password, please fill out this form.


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