Connecting to WIFI@OU with Android and Chromebooks

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Go into the devices WIFI settings and select WIFI@OU.

Wifi selection menu

Make sure the settings match the screenshot below and then enter your OUNet ID and password under Identity and Password. Leave the anonymous identity field blank.

Note: Chromebooks require this information as well.

Wifi settings menu


Device-specific notes:


  • Put the OUNetID in all caps under Identity.
  • Put the OUNetID in all caps under Anonymous Identity.


  • You may need to try connecting multiple times and/or exiting the setup and trying again.


Additional Notes:

If you have attempted to connect to any other OU networks such as OUGuest, you will need to first "forget" that network before attempting to connect to WIFI@OU.  For instructions on forgetting a wireless network, refer to the "Forgetting a Wireless Network" article.

For more information about WIFI@OU, please visit the "Connecting to WIFI@OU" article.

For more information about all of OU's WIFI Networks, please visit the "OU WIFI Networks" article. 


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