OUH Affiliate Account

OUH Affiliate computer accounts are available to OU Health individuals who are performing official University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center business related functions.

By submitting this form as a designated group sponsor you,
(1) agree to assume limited responsibility for the use of this user account as outlined in the Account Sponsor Responsibilities,
(2) state that this user account is necessary to conduct university business, and
(3) inform the Service Desk when the account is no longer needed.

OU IT strives to complete OUH Affiliate Account service requests in two business days, though times may vary dependent on holidays, weather, and number of requests.


There is no cost associated with this Service.


OUH Affiliate accounts may be requested by designated group sponsors inside OU Health.


  • Request form is filled out by a designated group sponsor of OU Health on behalf of the new account holder.
  • Request form is approved by authorized OU Health approver.
  • Account created and the account details are communicated to the OUH Affiliate account holder.

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