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IT systems dialog graphicCard production is how Sooner Card credentials are requested when a person is unable to physically visit our office, or if a special card type is needed. Cards are made for Students, Staff, Faculty, Contractors, and Affiliates. OU ID numbers are required in order to submit a request for Student, Staff, or Affiliate. Contractors are assigned 86xxx numbers by Sooner Card. Replacements may also be ordered for Staff and Contractors who can then come to pick up the card in person. Depending on the card type being ordered, different types of billing are offered including chart field spread, pay in office and student bursar charge.

Certain types of cards may be offered in bulk order options to submit more than one card order at a time. Please see the below table for the different types of card offerings. All specialty cards may be seen in the service request. More information may be required upon submission. There is a field for the due date, we require at least 48 hours notice for cards being made in advance and preferably 24 hours notice if an individual is coming in person to get a new card.

Most card production requests are only available to departmental administrators and assistants. individuals may request a student online/distance learner card or faculty/staff may request a replacement with departmental approval such as an Academic Advisor or Supervisor.

Orders are typically fulfilled within 1-2 business days but weekends or holidays may impact this.


If you have any questions on pricing please contact Sooner Card directly or put a note in the Card Production - Additional Instruction.

Card Type Price
New student, contractor, affiliate ID $30
First faculty or staff ID $0
Replacement ID (old ID is brought into the Sooner Card office) $10
Replacement ID (ID has been lost) $30


The Sooner Card serves as the main form of personal identification for the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus. The card allows access to campus buildings, campus dining, printing with WEPA, checking into events, and more. Once a new card is printed, the old card is immediately de-activated and will no longer function. The card number will change so if it is used for key boxes or non-Sooner Card electronic locks, the equipment may need to be updated.

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