Duo Multi-Factor Authentication using U2F Security Key (YubiKey)

What is a Security Key/Hardware Token?

​A security key is a small USB device that can be plugged into a phone, computer, or other device. Instead of authenticating using a smart phone, tablet, or landline, you may use a security key to authenticate. OUIT recommends the YubiKey line, though others that are U2F compatible will also work. Departments may purchase these through standard methods (CrimsonCorner or PCard); individuals may also purchase them through various retailers.

Security keys may be purchased for as low as $20 from many retailers.

Which YubiKey do I need to get?

Yubico offers several options for USB security keys. If you are unsure of what YubiKey to purchase, please take this quiz.

Please Note:

  • Choose “Individual”.
  • If you intend to use the YubiKey with your iPhone, select “USB-C AND Lightning” when asked. For all other devices, you will need to select “USB-A” or “USB-C” based on what ports are available on your devices.
  • NFC (same technology as Apple Pay/Google Pay) will only work with Android phones, not iOS, and is only available on the “USB-A” keys.
  • If asked, Duo does not need the OTP option. However, if you will use the key with other services, some do require that feature.

Register your security key with Duo:

To register your security key, insert the key into your computer or phone (if you have the NFC enabled token with an Android phone, just tap the token to the phone’s NFC chip when prompted) and go to the Duo management site. If this is your first device in Duo, you will be prompted to add a device. Select “Security Key (YubiKey, Feitian, etc.)” and then follow the prompts to add the security key to your account.

If you have already registered other devices, then after logging in to the Duo management site, click “Add another device” to select “Security Key (YubiKey, Feitian, etc.)” and add the token to your account.

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