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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security when logging into Office 365 and in other specific instances. It requires users to verify their identity using another device when attempting to log in somewhere from off-campus

For instructions on setting up Duo, please visit this article. You may pre-register devices with Duo before the policy takes effect.

Common Issues

Most people will use a smartphone to authenticate with Duo. If you are having issues, the solution may depend on whether or not you had the Duo app installed and connected to their OU account.

If you had the Duo app, it was connected to your OU account, and you receive a…

  • New phone number, same device – log in to https://ou.edu/duo to manage your devices and/or phone number(s)
  • Same phone number, new device – log in to https://ou.edu/duo to manage your devices and/or phone number(s)

If you did not have the Duo app installed and/or not connected to your OU account, and you receive a…

  • New phone number– contact us at 325-HELP (4357) or by visiting needhelp.ou.edu
  • Same phone number, new device – there should be no changes necessary

If you receive a new phone and a new phone number, you must contact us regardless of whether you had the Duo app installed/connected to their OU account or not.
If you have a smartphone with an incompatible (likely international) phone number, you will need to set up Duo differently.

  • Select “Tablet”, rather than smartphone, during setup.
  • Choose the operating system: iOS or Android.
  • You will be instructed to install Duo Mobile for whichever operating system you choose.
  • Once you have Duo Mobile installed on the device, select “I have Duo Mobile installed”.
  • You will be given a barcode to scan to activate Duo Mobile, or you can request an activation link to be emailed to yourself.

For more information, visit this article.

If you are using a web browser on iOS and are asked to authenticate with Duo, the Duo prompt may show up as a blank section on the screen. To fix this, please see this article.

Security Key / Hardware Token

A security key is a small USB device that can be plugged into a phone, computer, or other device to authenticate with Duo. For more information on these, please see this article.
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