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Don’t have time to stop by one of our computer labs?  OU IT is excited to offer 54 WEPA cloud printing kiosks across the Norman campus.  WEPA allows you to print to the cloud, and pick up your documents at any kiosk.  Send from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or any of our lab computers.  Download the WEPA print app from the App Store or Google Play store to get started.

Print Credits

OU IT supports our students’ technology needs by providing a flexible, functional, and mobile printing experience while reducing our environmental impact and cutting down on waste.

When choosing between adding new fees to support a per student print credit or allowing students to choose when and how much they need to print, we chose to let students decide. With over 50 cloud printing kiosks across campus, you can print whenever you want, however you want, from wherever you are, and pay as you go.

Additionally, OU IT provides FREE Office 365 accounts for all students to integrate seamlessly into the mobile printing experience. Office 365 includes access to productivity tools such as Word, Excel, and OneNote, file sharing tools such as OneDrive to provide a way for you to share files without printing, and the ability to print directly from a WEPA kiosk with no device.

A better printing experience, helpful productivity tools, reduced environmental impact, and the flexibility and mobility you need. Find out more at

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