Data Integration

There are hundreds of different software systems used across campus on a daily basis, but all too often, there are no easy ways to exchange data between them. The Data Integration service is designed to provide a means of making data in one system available to another system, whether those systems are on premise or in the cloud. Our data migration specialists will use the latest tools available to create an automated, reliable method of sharing data between systems.


Costs vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The scope of the project.
  • The development hours and resources involved.
  • The specificity of the request, and whether or not it can be used across multiple academic or business units.
  • The integration toolset and costs associated with components (Data Connectors, etc.) that end up being applied to the project.


This service is available to all Norman campus faculty and staff. All Enterprise Data Integration requests will be subject to Data Governance Approval via the Data Request Review Group (DRRG) Process and require IT Project Governance Board (PGB) Oversight.


  • Cloud to Local On-Premise (Physically located on campus), and Local On-Premise to Cloud – where the target system exists in the cloud and the source system exists on campus, or vice versa (e.g. integrating Banner data from on campus into a SalesForce CRM instance in the cloud)
  • Cloud to Cloud – where both the source and target systems exist in the cloud (e.g. integrating Canvas LMS data from the cloud into another cloud system like OrgSync)
  • Local On-Premise to Local On-Premise – where both the source and target systems exist on the OU campus but possibly in different database vendors (e.g. combining iAdvise data from MySQL with PeopleSoft data stored in Oracle to create a custom data mart)

Note: The above examples are all one-way integrations where data is moved from a source system to a target system. However, two-way integrations, where data moves in both directions, are also possible.

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