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IT Data Services was created to meet the changing landscape and challenges of becoming a data driven university. DS objective is to meet the full range of data needs from basic database administration to data science. Whether you work in an excel jungle or have a very specific data question, Data Services is here to help.

Data Services has six teams to meet data needs:



A team of data scientists that aims to improve decision making and the student experience around a breath of academic and administrative activities.

Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Data Engagement (BIRDE)

Seeks to empower departments by providing analytic and reporting tools, reports and dashboards, and community engagement opportunities.

Data Warehousing

Intends to provide a single source of truth by collecting and transforming data into a meaningful dataset that allow for faster and more informed decisions.

Governance and Catalog

Proactively manages risks, tracks data requests, and informs governance for the development of data policy, guidelines, and standards.

Integrations and Interfaces

Moves data from Point A to Point B in an automated fashion.

Database Admins

Provides operational support, maintenance and security for University of Oklahoma database system.

If you have questions about how to get started using your data, we are here to help.


 There is no cost associated with this consultation.


This service is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students at all OU campus locations.


  • Data Warehousing
  • Point to Point Integration
  • Interactive Reports & Dashboards
  • Report and Analytic Tool Guidance
  • Data Access Assistance

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