Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Brightspace by D2L and Canvas and other learning systems. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, or moved from one LMS to another.


This software is free to current faculty and staff with active OU accounts.


Respondus 4.0 is available to faculty and staff members and may be installed on personal and university owned machines. The software may be used for teaching and learning purposes.


Authoring Features:

  • Distinct user environments (called "personalities") for Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, and IMS QTI.
  • Create exams and assessments offline using a Windows interface. Supports up to 15 question types, including calculated and algorithmic formats.

Preview, Publish, and Printing Features:

  • Preview questions before publishing them to the LMS.
  • Publish exams and assessments directly to an online course (media files are automatically uploaded).
  • A “batch publish” feature allows assessments and surveys to be published to multiple courses in a single step.

Retrieval and Reporting Features:

  • Retrieve exams from the leading learning platforms, complete with media files.
  • Retrieve custom reports, such as student scores, summary statistics, and answer distributions.

For more information on this software, see the developer's website.

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