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OU IT provides the infrastructure for network port and cabling to meet the digital communication needs of campus staff and faculty.

Users can request activation of existing Ethernet ports in their location, installation of new ports and cabling. In addition, the OU Facilities team can run new cabling and drops for new construction or remodeling projects.


This service is available to Campus Departments, Faculty, Staff, NWC, and associates in Partners Place.

Orders are typically fulfilled within 2 business weeks, however, holidays, weather and larger projects such as new buildings, renovations, departmental moves, etc. can vary the times set for completion.


Cabling installation and activation cost will vary based on hardware, infrastructure and location. 

Billing for cabling is done through IT billing on a monthly basis with a departmental billing account. If your department does not have a billing account or if you would like an additional billing account for a special project, you can contact our staff at 405-325-HELP [4357]. If you have a question about pricing or billing for your request, please use our IT Business Office inquiry service.


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