Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Access Request

Researchers involved in secure research, especially with contracts regarding CUI data, need accounts and/or resources in the CUI enclaves, either based in AWS or on-premises.  A request for these services will be required to be filled out with approval by the Director for Export Controls or authorized proxy.  A security review will also be performed.  This ensures that the request is in line with the project’s ITC as well with compliance requirements.  The person requesting access or services will receive notice of whether or not the access and or request for services has been granted once it has been reviewed and approved.

Customers are responsible for providing the following information or for specifying the following configuration options:

  • The appointed system administrator for the requested resources who can be contacted to coordinate with the implementation team.
  • Compliance with University and contract requirements and policies, including security, privacy, CUI, export controls and ITAR, and acceptable use policies.
  • Please specify the type of service being requested:
    • Compute
    • Storage
    • Networking
    • Virtual Desktop Image (VDI)
    • Access/accounts
    • Other service not listed

Please include additional details such as:

  • # of CPUs/cores
  • Amount of storage
  • Network requests (ports, protocols, routes, vlans, etc.)
  • Desktop requirements
  • Account types and roles


Cost will be determined based on request and load.


This service is available to all faculty and staff.

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