Surplus Technology Pick Up and Disposal

OU IT assists departments with the pick-up of technology surplus for compliance and environmental purposes.  

The GreenSafe program is a centralized campus service to securely remove data from used computing assets according to University Policy and dispose of used technology in an environmentally friendly manner. GreenSafe is the designated procedure for OKC-based organizations of the OU Health Sciences Center to comply with the existing University Cybersecurity Policies.

The GreenSafe program includes the pick-up, tracking, data cleaning and environmentally friendly disposal of computing assets, including desktop & laptop computers, loose hard drives, monitors, printers, fax machines, computer accessories (keyboard, mice, speaker, etc.), credit card machines and cell phones. If you need to dispose a UPS Battery or other hazardous item, click here.


Total cost is based upon Moving Services criteria and will be determined and communicated via the PeopleSoft Service Unit Request process which must be submitted separately.


Please note that pick-ups are scheduled by Moving Services on a first-come, first-serve basis and is fee based.   

You must have an SUR submitted in addition to this request via  Moving Services will pick up your asset return based upon their scheduling. 

Pick up dates are assigned on scheduled dates, and it may take several weeks to schedule your pickup based upon Moving Services current workload and University priorities. Please keep this in mind when submitting your request and timing for the equipment to be picked up.


Please follow the steps below to retire/dispose of technology surplus equipment, including hardware and media which contains PHI. Eligible equipment includes desktop & laptop computers, loose hard drives, monitors, printers, fax machines, computer accessories (keyboard, mice, speaker, etc.), credit card machines and cell phones. Do not use this process to dispose of UPS batteries or other hazardous items.
STEP 1: Download the “GreenSafeForm” spreadsheet that is an attachment on this page and complete it as accurately as possible. There is no longer a limit of 25 items per request, although departments are encouraged (and accountable, per OU policy) to dispose of surplus equipment in a timely manner.
STEP 2: Choose how you want your equipment to be removed 
  • You Bring it! 
    • OU IT will meet you at a secure storage facility where you will unload and stage (neatly arrange on pallets) your surplus equipment. Departments provide their own transportation and legwork. Don’t forget to bring the spreadsheet from STEP1! There is no charge for this option. 
  • Hire a Mover 
    • Enter an SUR request to Moving Services via Please use the same spreadsheet from STEP 1 within the SUR pickup request for consistency. Moving Services will retrieve your equipment and transfer to OU IT. Be advised that, due to scheduling complexities, this option can take several weeks to arrange. There will be a $30-$35/hour charge, per team member from Moving Services for this option. 
  • White Glove Pickup 
    • This is for larger quantities.
    • If you select this option, OU IT will direct our technology retirement/disposal vendor to pickup your equipment directly from you. This option is very quick and easy, with pickups usually available within a week or two. To cover the 3rd party costs, OU IT will charge your department based on the quantity of items. 
STEP 3: Click the “Request Service” link in the upper-right corner of this page, complete the form, and attach the spreadsheet that you completed in STEP 1. In the “Additional Information” section, please let us know which pickup option you would like to use.

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