Call Center Programming

The Avaya Call center is an application that offers automatic call distribution through programmed routing and option selection.  The calls are distributed evenly and effectively to staff or other chosen resources.  The programming allows for call data reporting to be accessed.  

If you are planning telephone work to be done for more than five lines, please consider using the OKC TelecomTranslation spreadsheet located to the right of this page.  It can be edited and then uploaded with your ticket requesting the service.


    OUHSC staff and Affiliates



  • Requires extension - $5/mth or $20/mth
  • Additional needs – Approx. $30 /mth can increase with custom needs
    • Recorded main announcement for caller to hear
    • Allow caller to choose options
    • Calls can be sent to a queue to hold for next available representative
    • Call groups developed - bridge and pick up groups
    • Phone queues developed for automatic incoming call distribution


  • Auto Attendant (Call Tree) $12.00 monthly recurring charge
  • Announcement (Main Greeting or Lunch greeting or afterhours greeting)
    • 5 digit number used for programming - $5.00 monthly recurring charge
    • 271-XXXX used for programming -$20.00 monthly recurring charge
  • Hunt Group: is a 5 digit extension (G3STA) $5.00 monthly recurring charge 
  • MOH (music on hold): $40.00 monthly recurring charge on the main number (Submit each extension in that department for processing)
  • Agent ID-No Charge
  • CMS Supervisor - $25.00 monthly recurring charge per user


  • Call management - Reporting, recording, routing, and transfer
  • Automated interactions
  • Customer experience management
  • Call management system (CMS)
  • Performance management
  • Real time reporting

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