Phone Programming

The phones support programmable call appearance/feature buttons.

If you are planning telephone work to be done for more than five lines, please consider using the OKC Telecom Translation spreadsheet located to the right of this page.  It can be edited and then uploaded with your ticket requesting the service. 


Initial phone programming is included with purchase.


For all OUHSC supported phone equipment.


  • Busy – indicates status of a programmed extension.  This can be used to dial the specified extension
  • Bridge appearance – allows to answer another single extension at phone
  • Queue Call – tracks number of calls in queue including time waiting
  • Agent ID log in capability
  • EC500 – Follow Me Mobility – sends call to assigned mobile number
  • Service Observe – allows for staff/call management


  • 5 digit extension attached to a phone: $5.00 monthly recurring charge
  • 271-XXXX (DID) attached to a phone $20.00 monthly recurring charge
  • 5 digit extension used as a virtual number $5.00  monthly recurring charge 
  • 271-XXXX (DID) used as a virtual number $20.00 monthly recurring charge
  • Extension for Voicemail $5.00 monthly recurring charge
  • Spectralink Wireless Phone – Approximate
    • Handset - $560 Approximate
    • Battery - $80 Approximate
    • Quad Charger and Power supply - $260 Approximate
    • Carrying Case w/Clip - $16 Approximate
    • Wireless fee - $6.00 monthly recurring charge
    • Activation - $30.00 one time charge
  • Group Page - $5.00 monthly recurring charge 
  • Overhead paging - $5.00 monthly recurring charge 
  • Intercom group: No Charge
  • Pickup group: No Charge

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