Electronic Record of Destruction

Electronic storage media must be sanitized when:

  1. electronic media is no longer needed;
  2. media is pending destruction pickup by an authorized OU IT destruction service (GreenSafe or HITECH);
  3. media is assigned to a new user or a new purpose;
  4. media is compromised by malware, upon instructions from OU IT Security Operations; or
  5. media is being shipped to manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Documentation, for potential audit purposes, attesting to the erasure of licensed software and data is required in order to complete the disposal process.  Media disposal requests should be submitted using this form.


There is no cost associated with this service.


This service is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students at all OU campus locations.

Additional Information

Prior to labeling equipment as surplus or decommissioned, the device must have all software and data files destroyed, in accordance with University procedures.  After all software and data files have been destroyed, complete this form before submitting to the surplus unit.  One form must be completed for each device.

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