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Virtual Desktops provide individuals, departments, and special use cases the ability to deliver and use standardized, software-based virtual workstations to existing or lower-cost computing hardware. The Virtual Desktop service provides the ability to host desktop software in a scalable virtual environment within OU’s Shared Services private cloud. Using a pre-built suite of software or supplying one of your own, virtual desktop customers can connect and run University applications from anywhere in the world across the network. The service allows for scalability of desktop resources such as CPU, memory, and storage to meet the requirements of various uses and applications, making virtual desktops more flexible, secure, and lower total-cost-of-ownership than traditional physical workstations.

Virtual desktops include a configuration of 4 GB RAM / 1 vCPU standard (Can be upgraded to 8GB RAM maximum):

  • Temporary (or non-Persistent) Virtual Desktop: Recommended for lab environments, non-persistent desktops offer their applications and resources while you are connected, and are immediately discarded once you log out.  Individual users are responsible for saving application settings and files created or modified during use of a temporary virtual desktop. 
  • Non-Persistent Virtual Desktop includes 100GB storage

Customers are responsible for providing the following information:

  • When using the Virtual Desktop service with a custom image, a named administrator must support and maintain the Continuous Virtual Desktop and custom image.  Additional charges apply for the licensing, storage, and backup of the custom image at standard rates.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring proper license and appropriate use of software applications.
  • Customers are responsible for complying with all University requirements and policies, including security, privacy, and acceptable use policies. OU IT Data Centers are designed for compliance with these requirements; however, each customer of this service must ensure compliance of content.


OU Departments: $30/mo
OU Affiliates: $31/mo

Additional memory can be purchased in 1GB increments at $1/mo for each increment; maximum total of 8.

Standard rates for the storage of a custom image are charged at one additional Virtual Desktop license (charged at the chosen rate above), storage at $0.10 per GB, and backup at $0.25 per GB.


  • OU faculty, staff, departments, and groups.
  • OU students and student groups with departmental sponsorship.

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