Non-Standard Computer Request

The University of Oklahoma has adopted a system wide, mandatory, computer Standardization Program. This non-standard request process is intended to meet these specific teaching, research, and clinical needs that cannot be met with the current standard offerings.

For more information about the non-standard request process and the Standardization program please visit to understand more of the criteria involving a non-standard request.


There is no cost for entering a request. However, if your request is accepted, you must enter the purchase via the normal purchasing methods.


Available to Faculty and Staff at all campus locations.


  • By having your designated Peoplesoft requester enter the information into the form, IT can quickly approve or deny the request as to not impede the end user’s productivity.
  • By documenting all non-standard requests and evaluating each one on a case by case basis, the University can periodically adjust the standard offerings to meet the client computing needs of all faculty and staff.

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