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University of Oklahoma account holders, who need special permission to access specific IT systems or services, will be required to fill out and submit an IT Access Request form for approval by their Director/Manager/Unit Supervisor or authorized proxy. The person requesting access will receive notice of whether or not the access has been granted, once it has been approved and reviewed by the appropriate sources.

To request access to a system, the individual requesting the access must receive approval from the director/manager/or proxy of their department before submitting the form. Once the form is submitted and approved, the IT Team responsible for granting access will update the customer through the OU IT ticketing system.


OU IT provides this service for FREE to Faculty, Staff, and Students at all campus locations.


IT System accesses are granted only to those users who have been approved through the processes outlined in the Features section.


The IT systems request is a required online validation and tracking form for faculty/staff members needing access to specific IT managed systems, or services. When the request is submitted, it must first be approved by the Director/Manager/Unit Supervisor or authorized proxy of the faculty/staff member’s department. After the request is received by IT, the IT Security Office will review and assign the request to the appropriate Team responsible for the service or system requested.

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