Access OUHSUPPORT with OU Health 3/4 Credentials

Purpose: The following article describes how authorized OU Health users may access ( with their OU Health 3/4 credentials to request specific services from OU IT.

Special Access Notes:

  • Access to is not allowed for all OU Health users. Only authorized OU Health users may access the service.
  • Please use a private browser/incognito window to ensure proper usage of credentials.
  • Authorized users must be on an OU Health network to access as OU Health restricts Single Sign-On access to the OU Health Network/VPN. For information regarding approved OU Health networks, please contact OU Health IT.

Steps to Access:

  1. Navigate to Browser address with site address typed in
  2. Click “Sign In” Help website with Sign In highlighted
  3. Choose “OUHealth (Epic support only)” from the drop-down menu, and click “Continue” Help website with sign in authentication menu displayed
  4. Enter your OU Health credentials (3/4 or OU Health email address and password) at the OU Health Single Sign-On screen, and click “Sign in” Sign in page with username and password fields displayed
  5. Select the service you wish to request and click “Request Service”
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