Sharing Outlook Calendar with External Individuals

If you wish to share your Calendar details with both external individuals in addition to the normal internal users, you may do so. Please note it is easier to perform this change through the online Outlook access at Once both parties have done their steps, they will be able to view your calendar.

  1. To begin, the Calendar owner should log in at to share their calendar.
  2. Next click on Calendar in the left menu and locate the calendar in the My calendars section.
  3. Now hover over the dots next to the Calendar in question. Outlook Calendar Options Button
  4. Click Sharing and Permissions. 
  5. Now enter the email address of the person you want to share with, select the permission level and then click the Share button. Sharing and permissions settings screen
  6. The person that needs to view the calendar should now log in to the email account that was set by the sharer. If they are an Outlook user, they should log in at
  7. This individual will have an email that looks like this: Calendar sharing invite email
  8. The individual should click the “Add this calendar” button, alternately the accept button may say "Accept and view calendar".
    • If the user is not using Outlook, they may need to get the share URL from the "this URL" link and add the calendar as an "internet calendar" in their mail calendar client.


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